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Welcome to the Goodcat Hotline for the University of Arizona.
At Eller College our values and beliefs are deeply rooted in ethics and honesty. We take pride in our pursuit of knowledge and our reputation for promoting integrity. Our faculty and students are committed to creating an environment of excellence.

To affirm this commitment we have established the Goodcat Hotline. Goodcat gives our students the power to report questionable activities, expose improper conduct or express concerns. To ensure your ability to report anonymously, we have engaged an independent agency, EthicsPoint, to administer the data collection process.

We encourage you to report any known or suspected occurrences of cheating, plagiarism, or academic fraud and want to thank you for doing your part to help make Eller the best it can be!

What you can Expect:
You can be assured that there are no risks in filing a report. At no time will retaliatory actions be taken against anyone for reporting, inquiring or seeking guidance about a potential breach of our Code of Academic Integrity. The University guarantees that your submission will remain confidential, and if you so desire – anonymous.

The University of Arizona Code of Academic Integrity clearly defines the principles and standards that our students are required to uphold, but if at any time you are unsure if an action constitutes a violation please consult with an instructor for clarification.

All reports will be addressed promptly and discreetly. Once a report is processed the appropriate faculty members will be informed and steps will be taken to address the issue and prevent the situation from happening again.

You have the power to make Eller better and your report to Goodcat can help!

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